Mitoki – iPad order taking system

A week or two ago, we ventured out, kids and all to investigate a local restaurant, Mitoki, that had been recommended to me.  I had heard that they are using an iPad order taking system, and was hoping they could shed some light on how I could adopt iPad ordering systems into my workplace.

On arrival, we were greated by the waitress and seated.  She handed us an iPad and demonstrated how to place an order. The app was really easy to use and it was fantastic to see the beautiful photos of the menu items as my knowledge of Japanese cuisine is only limited!  I placed an order easily and sent it through.  In no time, our drinks arrived and a little while later, our food too.  The waitress was always visible and available to answer questions, but I’m sure it saved her a lot of time using this system, therefore keeping staffing costs low and workloads reasonable.

Another benefit I noticed was that the iPad ordering system allowed us to take our time in putting together our order.  We were able to compare photos of dishes and add or delete items from our order until we were satisfied. 

Although this system was fantastic, I’m confident that I want the iPads to be in the hands of the waiters in our restaurant at work rather than in the hands of the guests.  The clientele that frequent our restaurant are mostly of a generation that would prefer to use a paper menu and place the order directly with a waiter.  The waiters however are mostly teenagers and young adults who would enjoy using new technologies to the workplace.

By the way, the food was great!

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